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Throughout history, African voices, stories, triumphs  and achievements have been suppressed, underrated and under-reported. This background inspires Business Review Africa to initiate the 50 African Trailblazers Award since 2020
Every year, we celebrate and honour fifty (50) Africans who have made exceptional and inspiring impacts in their various fields, thus narrating the African story from the African perspective and changing the one-sided African narratives skewed towards negativity and downgrading African people.
The fifty Africans are thus renowned professionals in the world selected for the honour. We highlight exemplary trailblazers who are setting enormous career goals, achieving milestones and inspiring others. We chose these trailblazers for their sterling achievements, grit, bravery,  collaborative spirit and their potential to break barriers, as they build their careers.
These Africans were carefully selected because of their activities and impacts on the continent. Taking a close look at the list, you will find that Africans are achieving steady and spectacular success in all the fields of human endeavor.
In this years nomination 5 Kenyans made the list .
First is Prof. Kithure Kindiki who is the Cabinet Secretary for Interior and National Administration in Kenya. He was nominated for the Award based on his impressive results recorded in his Interior and National Administration docket in his first 100 days in the Ministry. Prof. Kindiki, who came into office at the height of muggings in Kenya’s capital Nairobi, was able to completely neutralize the muggings and restore normalcy and confidence in security in the city. Working with his security teams at the Ministry, they succeeded in curbing terrorism and crime in Kenya by 13.5 percent in the said period. He is determined to eliminate banditry in Kenya for good. Opinion pollsters in Nairobi (Infotrak, TIFA and Mizani) recently rated Prof. Kindiki as the best performing Minister in the new administration in Kenya.
The second Kenyan on the list is Dr. James Nwangi the CEO and Founder of Equity Group Holdings. Dr. Mwangi has seen the growth of Equity Bank from a Housing Microfinance to one of the biggest banks in Africa.
He was recognized based on his  commitment to solving social problems of the lack of access to cash in Kenya which expanded financial inclusion in East Africa. Under his leadership, Equity’s charitable foundation awarded some 6,000 university scholarships through paid internships to academically gifted students from across Kenya’s 47 countries  under Equity Leaders Program.
Also, on the list is Nelly Cheboi, the Kenyan Tech founder, based on her creativity to make Kenya technologically advanced.
Catherine Mahugu and Mary Njoki were also nominated for their exceptionalism and humanitarian commitment to Kenya.
The nominees will receive their awards in August this year at a ceremony to be held at the International Conference Centre, in Abuja, Nigeria.
*Helen Okon, the Publisher, Business Review Africa*
Abuja, 31st March, 2023
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