Over the years several companies, industries have contributed immensely to the bilateral relationship between Africa 🌍 and the UAE. These companies have also provided jobs, goods and services to millions of people connected to both Africa & UAE 🇦🇪
This year the Leaders Without Borders Development Centre will be celebrating and honoring 50 of this great men and women that have demonstrated share resilience in growing the economy and selflessness to humanity.
Join us for another thrilling experience at the Africa-Dubai Investment Business Summit with the theme: The Future of Global Investments – “Towards the next Fifty Years”
This Summit is in collaboration with the Private Office of H.H Sheikh Ahmed Bin Faisal Al-Qassimi under the Grand Patronage of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Faisal Al-Qassimi,
Scheduled for November 17th, & a private dinner reception for our VVIPs, Financiers, & Investors on November 18th, 2022
The Africa-Dubai Investment Business Summit is a Global Elite Summit for Africa in Dubai with a strong emphasis on the participation & empowerment of African Leaders backed with an unparalleled network for businesses to take off in the Middle East & Africa.”
#AfricaDubai2022 #lwbdc
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