OADC wins Best Data Centre award at prestigious Global Carrier Awards 2022

Mauritius, 20th October 2022 – Transformational data centre (DC) service provider Open Access Data Centres (OADC) won the Best Data Centre / Edge Service Innovation award at the prestigious Global Carrier Awards 2022 for its unique and innovative OADC EDGE offering which is underpinning Africa’s digital transformation.

Collecting the Best Data Centre / Edge Service Innovation Award at the Global Carrier Awards 2022

Left to right: Alan Burkitt-Gray, Capacity magazine editor-at-large; Nikki Popoola, WIOCC Sales Director – West Africa; Dr Ayotunde Coker, CEO of Open Access Data Centres; presenter of the award Carl Roberts, Partner at Hadaara Consulting

OADC EDGE combines unmatched, pan-African digital infrastructure – a network of inter-connected, open access, core and edge data centres – in a revolutionary core-to-edge architecture which is extending data storage, processing and content delivery to point of consumption at the network edge, supporting improved application performance and enabling critical data to be processed locally.


OADC CEO Dr Ayotunde Coker commented: “For a company which secured its initial funding less than a year ago – in November 2021 – to win such an award is testament to the impact our innovative OADC EDGE offering is having in transforming the data centre market in Africa. No other data centre service provider offers a similar value proposition on the continent.

OADC EDGE’s proposition is unique, truly transformational and combines unmatched, pan-African digital infrastructure – a network of interconnected, carrier-neutral, core, “midi” and edge DCs – within a revolutionary core-to-edge architecture that extends data storage, processing and content delivery to the network edge.


Dr Coker continued: “As part of WIOCC Group and a sister company of carriers’ carrier WIOCC, our converged open digital infrastructure enables OADC clients to quickly and easily connect across Africa – either via WIOCC’s established pan-African open hyperscale network infrastructure or using other operators’ networks.”

OADC’s unique core-to-edge architecture supports:

·  Broadband operators, ISPs, “eyeball networks” and MNOs; cost-effectively extending network reach

·    the cloud community; migrating content closer to the network edge

·   the enterprise market, implementing disaster recovery to third-party sites; processing large data sets close to their point of consumption and rolling out new applications for market differentiation

·   consumers; benefiting from expedited deployment of life-enhancing social, educational, well-being and entertainment services

OADC’s Best Data Centre / Edge Service Innovation Award, won at Global Carrier Awards 2022

OADC EDGE started deployment in South Africa and in 2023 will undertake further rollout there and in Nigeria; extending further into West Africa including the DRC, where OADC Kinshasa will go live in Q1 2023.


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