Africa’s foremost business platform, Business Review Afrika, on Wednesday, led some Nigerian investors to the Tanzanian High Commission in Abuja.

Led by Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Ms Helen Okon, the team was hosted by His Excellency, Dr Benson Alfred Bana, the country’s High Commissioner to Nigeria.

In his address, Hon Orok Orok, the MD of Concept to Dynamics Ltd, said the meeting is strategic for potential partnership between both nations.

According to him, some of his business partners in Europe are interested in investing in the East African nation.

He said ” I had meetings with investors in the UK. They initially planned to develop plants in Nigeria but on second thought, we discovered that Tanzania is a hub. We are not the investors, they are in Europe – this meeting is a preamble that will give birth to the idea”.

Welcoming the potential deal, Dr Bana said “our focus on diplomacy has changed dramatically in Tanzania. The target is no longer political diplomacy but economic diplomacy.

“Our commissions and embassies now serve as business centers to promote trade and woo investors as well as tourist investors. You have come at the right time”.

According to him, “Tanzania has a number of investment opportunities. The government of ours has a number of incentives for potential investors. So far, we have attracted a number of investors from this great country. Dangote, Sahara Group, UBA Group, GT Bank. We are looking to persuade more”.

The respected diplomat added, “Nigeria is a country flowing in milk and honey with so many billionaires. Nigeria is the biggest economy in Africa, it is the backbone of investment in Africa. My being here is to convince Nigerians to continue investing in my country. 

“We are middlemen, like other agencies. We welcome the opportunity from your firm with a view toward attracting more Nigerians to business, leisure and other activities. Last year, we organized a tourism and investment trade fair in Abuja and Lagos to woo investors from the country.  This month, we will host the same fair in Accra and in June, we will move to Ivory Coast”.

When asked why foreigners should invest in his country, Dr Bana said “Tanzania is the most peaceful country without military inventions. We have changed govts by the power of ballots. We will have new legislation in September on investment. It will be more friendly, attractive and welcoming for investors. We are at the forefront of intra-African trade. Our investment regime is still vibrant. Meanwhile, our economy is currently at 5.3 per cent despite the challenges”.


The Ambassador, however, urged the team to pay a visit to Tanzania for first-hand experience.

In her remarks, Okon thanked the Ambassador and staff for always opening their doors to Business Review Afrika.

She added, “As BRA, we are looking at the prospect of partnership across the continent. I’m excited about this meeting. In our previous meeting, I said I was going to get investors to Tanzania. We will continue to partner to enhance trade and investment between both nations”.

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