China announced on August 24 that it will work together with African countries to formulate and implement a plan for China-Africa digital innovation partnership.
On expectations for advancing cooperation in digital innovation?
Wang Wenbin: Digital innovation is an emerging sector for practical cooperation between China and Africa. State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said during his trip to Africa at the beginning of this year that China will strengthen digital cooperation with the African side and help it seize the opportunity presented by the information revolution, bridge the digital divide and build a digital Africa.
To advance new progress in the digital technology and to inject new impetus into high quality China-Africa cooperation, Assistant Foreign Minister Deng Li announced at yesterday’s opening ceremony of the China-Africa Internet Development and Cooperation Forum that China stands ready to work together with African countries to formulate and implement a plan for China-Africa digital innovation partnership.
He also proposed efforts in six aspects. First, strengthen digital infrastructure to ensure unimpeded information flow for socioeconomic development. Second, nurture the digital economy and promote the integrated development of the digital technology and the real economy.
Third, advance digital education to produce a talent pool for digital innovation and thus remove the bottleneck. Fourth, enhance digital inclusiveness to make sure services benefit all African people. Fifth, jointly ensure digital security and improve digital governance capability. Sixth, build cooperation platforms to stimulate progress with exchange.
Actions speak louder than words.
As China announced the partnership plan, relevant commitments have already begun to translate into reality. Some optic fiber backbone projects undertaken with China-Africa cooperation will soon start in Africa.
Starting from September, there will be a season of promotion through e-commerce for African products and the China-Africa Beidou Cooperation Forum, among other events.
We will maintain communication with the African side to jointly design practical cooperation measures in the digital area for the coming three years and include them in the list of deliverables of the FOCAC meeting to be held at the end of the year to bring China-Africa digital cooperation to a new height.
Source:Xinhua News Agency:
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