China has promised to strengthen bilateral ties with Nigeria in trade and investment, promote World Peace and Development.

China’s Ambassador to Nigeria, Zhou Pingjian said this in Abuja at a forum on China-Nigeria production capacity and investment cooperation.

This year marks 47th years of uninterrupted bilateral relations between the People’s Republic of China and Nigeria.

Nigeria maintains China as a top partner as trade volume hits 14bn dollars.

Speaking at a forum to improve investment cooperation, the Chinese Ambassador said the forth coming focac beiying  summit is designed to discuss plans to deepen cooperation between the two Countries.

Yusuf Buba Yakub, is the Chairman House Committee on Nigeria China relations, he said the meeting was timely and it will help expand Nigeria’s widow for capacity building programmes in China especially in the areas of SMEs development.

The meeting was attended by Chinese and Nigeria business communities, Representatives of Chambers of Commerce and members of the Diplomatic Corps.


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