According to the most recent statement by High Representative Josep Borrell on the most recent developments in Niger, the EU does not recognize and will not recognize the authorities established as a result of the putsch in Niger.

The powers established as a result of the putsch in Niger are not recognized by the European Union and never will be. Having been democratically elected, President Bazoum is the only person with the power to lead Niger. He must be released immediately and without conditions. The putschists are accountable to the EU for ensuring his and his family’s safety.

The proclamation by the putschists that the constitution would be suspended and that democratic institutions would be dissolved weakens the Nigerian State and its citizens, whose peace, stability, and security must be maintained.

The European Union reiterates its emphatic demands for the immediate and total restoration of constitutional order and fully supports the statements made in this regard by ECOWAS and its African and international allies. I will continue this weekend the numerous contacts already in place in conjunction with the President of the European Council to get this outcome. Additionally, we are prepared to back any upcoming ECOWAS decisions, including the imposition of penalties.

The partnership and cooperation between the European Union and Niger in all spheres will be impacted by this despicable assault on the integrity of the republican institutions in Niger. In this context, all cooperative efforts in the security sector, in addition to the immediate termination of budget support

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