Over 6,000 families from Chad and Niger have benefited from the Multinational Joint Force (MNJTF’s) gesture in line with its mandate to conduct humanitarian activities across the Sectors of the MNJTF to improve the welfare of civil populace.
 Chief of Military Public Information at the MNJTF Headquarters in Ndjamena Lieutenant Colonel Kamarudeen Adegoke in a statement said Sector 1 (Cameroon) and Sector 2 (Chad) were the recent beneficiaries of humanitarian aid provided by the MNJTF with the support of the African Union Mission Support.
“In Sector 1 Cameroun) medical outreach was conducted in Mora with medical professionals available for necessary medical care to populace of the community. Professionals present at the outreach included laboratory scientist for blood test, pediatricians for children, obstetricians for pregnant women and gastroenterologist among others.
“There was also the distribution of medical kits as well as the launch of health campaign for the benefit of the populations of Logone Berni and Kolofata.”
In response to the kind gesture, the Representative of the locals thanked the MNJTF for working day and night for the return of peace and security in their community.
He also appreciated the support and promised more collaboration with MNJTF troops. Similarly, in Sector 2 (Chad) the MNJTF donated food items, cooking utensils and personal items to 100 households for a total of 6000 beneficiaries of the Bol-Yakoua locality.
 Furthermore, Ngouboua community located about 45 km from Bagasola also benefited from a borehole. The building constructed for a community Health Care Centre was completed and was to be subsequently handed over to the community as soon as it was equipped.
The Representative of the Governor of the Lake Region expressed gratitude for the empathy demonstrated by the MNJTF as well as the efforts of the MNJTF in the restoration of peace to their communities. He assured of continuous support from the local authorities.
The implementation of humanitarian activities by the MNJTF within its capacity and with the support of relevant partners has continued to enable the Force to achieve its mandate.
These humanitarian actions Adegoke said, have also endeared the populace of communities across the Sectors to the MNJTF as well as spurred the troops to greater achievements.
The Force Commander MNJTF Major General Abdul Khalifa Ibrahim has praised the staff of the MNJTF, the implementing partners and the community beneficiaries for the synergy that resulted in the delivery of these important humanitarian projects. He called for greater support and cooperation by the local populace to the MNJTF and other security forces within the Lake Chad Region to help bring to an end the scourge of terrorism and insurgency in the region.
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