Zambia’s state control utility Zesco Ltd said on Tuesday it had arrived at a consent to import 300 MW of power from South Africa’s Eskom for a time of a half year to ease deficiencies, its acting overseeing executive said.

Africa’s second-biggest copper maker, Zambia has a power deficiency of more than 750 MW on account of low water levels at hydropower dams and a week ago declared it would build the hours for power apportioning as water levels kept on falling.

Acting Managing Director Webster Musonda told journalists that imports from Eskom would begin on October 1 and would cost $22 million per month.

“The exchanges have been closed and we have an idea on the table. We will spread the expense of bringing in this capacity to our clients,” said Musonda.

Zambia has verifiably evaluated power underneath the expense of creation through endowments. Just as of late has the nation begun to bit by bit raise costs.

In 2017, the nation’s energy controller affirmed a 75% value climb for power retail buyers and presented a level 9.30 U.S. pennies per kilowatt-hour duty for mining organizations.

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