You didn’t have to travel to Dubai or any country in the Middle East to drink Arabia Tea any more. The healthy tea which Arab people drink for centuries has found its way to Abuja-Nigeria by a man whose grandfather learnt and taught the secret to a healthy living using Arabia tea.

Made from natural leaves, blended with honey, this unique Arabian Tea is loved by many Nigerians and foreigners who are in quest of healthy living in the hands of nature. It is served in different flavours including lime orange and natural honey.

“It is purely organic, I trust how it is prepared, I saw how they blend those natural leaves together unlike the packed tea that I don’t know how and what they used in preparing them. I spent between N2,000 to N7,000 daily from taking Arabia tea with friends and family”; an Arabia Tea customer told Business Review Afrika during a visit to Arabia Tea Shop.

Located at the serene of Metropolitan Park, off Gimbia Street, Area 11, Abuja, Arabia Tea drinking is a new discovery for those who want to improve their healthy eating habits.

Drinking Arabia Tea offer numerous benefits including improving brain function, antioxidants in Arabia Tea will lower the risk of cancers, Arabia Tea contains healthy bioactive compounds. It helps you lose weight, increase fat burning and maintain healthy fit. Furthermore, it is anti-aging and gives one radiant look as well as protect one’s brain from aging, helps in the management and prevention of type 2 diabetes. Arabia Tea will help prevent cardiovascular disease. Experts said that at least 5 cups of tea par day is a journey to enjoy the fullness of life and well-being.

Legend has it that the secret to a healthy long life is in the habit of drinking tea daily, not only does it restore normalcy but also fight diseases out of the body. This was the secret used by ancient Arabians which they discovered for centuries to improve their health.

The health benefit of drinking Arabia Tea can be liken to the cozy feelings of sound sleep. It is no wonder Muriel Barbery wrote in the The Elegance of the Hedgehog; “When tea becomes a ritual, it takes its place at the heart of our ability to see greatness in small things”. Those who drink Arabia Tea daily will be those who have a sound mind!

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